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Origin stories can be inspired, messy, or heartfelt – as long as they are authentic. Telling your origin story is one of the most effective ways to humanize your brand and establish a genuine emotional connection with your audience. The following archetypes are a great place to begin –

Underdog Story -> Highlight challenges and obstacles you faced while starting, positioning your brand as resilient and determined.


Innovation Journey -> Emphasize how your company introduced a groundbreaking solution to a worrying industry problem, showcasing your expertise and creativity.


Founder's Vision -> Share the founder’s (or founders’) personal motivations and aspirations that led to the company's creation, revealing the human side of your brand.


Legacy and Heritage -> Trace your brand's lineage – its history and evolution over time – creating a sense of stability and trust.


Industry Revolution -> Tell the story of how your brand disrupted the industry norms, positioning your company as a leader and change-maker.


Pioneer's Journey -> Narrate how your brand ventured into uncharted territory, becoming a pioneer and establishing new standards.


Shared Values -> Underscore the alignment of your brand's values with those of your customers, depicting a deep connection and understanding.


Turning Point -> Focus on a pivotal moment that shifted your company's direction or strategy, demonstrating adaptability and foresight.

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